Frequently Asked Questions

How to add listings?

To add a listing you must have an account and be logged in. While logged in to the website click the “Create Listing” link in the menu. Complete the form and check out the community map to make sure your listing shows up.

Is the Beartaria Times Community Map part of the Beartaria Times App?

The Beartaria Times Community Map is separate from the Beartaria Times App. You’ll need to choose a plan that works for you to post listings and access the community map.

How to edit listings?

Log in to the website → click on “Account” in the menu → click “My Listings” from the dropdown. You’ll then see a grid of you listings. Click the “Edit Listing” button to make changes to your listing.

What is the difference between my profile and listings?

Your Beartaria Times Community Map Profile is used to manage your plan, listings, billing details, account email, and password. Your listings are separate from your profile and all listings are displayed on the community map.